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Sunday, April 28th, 2013
11:07 am
Relocated . . .
Just a note to let everyone know that we have relocated to Pennsylvania and attend Mass at a lovely parish. The pastor is kind and allows me to do some diaconal ministry although I am still incardinated in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Most of my time is spent taking care of my wife, Marianne, who has End Stage Kidney Failure and also had a congested heart attack last March. We're both in our 70's now and taking one day at a time. Our biggest struggle is having enough money to pay the medical bills and all the other things we need in life, rent, clothing, food, utilities, etc. Our children have been very good to us and usually send us what we need to survive! God bless+ them!
Friday, July 11th, 2008
10:47 pm
Pope's Letter
I was surprised and happy today to receive a letter from the Vatican Secretariat of State. I was informed that the Holy Father asked that I be informed that he received my letter to him, which I wrote a few months ago, and that the Holy Father says he will pray for my intentions and he sends me his blessing! There was also enclosed in the letter a lovely 3x5 autographed picture of Pope Benedict XVI.

I never expected such a quick response or even any response at all, so this has brightened up my day. I placed the picture right next to the computer screen, which will remind me of his prayers and mine for him. My intentions are between me and God and with the Holy Father praying for me, I'm sure that all will be answered soon. But I always add, "Not my will, but God's Will be done!" So I accept whatever God has in store for me in my remaining short time left on earth.

If you are reading this, please say a little pray for me also,
Thank You
Deacon John

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